Creating an innovative classroom is easier than you think with Boxlight Mimio—we provide educational technology solutions that are simple to install and support, along with service that you can rely on. We make it easy to find the right technology for your schools, and offer products that are designed with students and teachers in mind.

Better solutions. Better results.

Improved Student Outcomes with Technology In The Classroom Mimio Boxlight

Boxlight Mimio products are designed to help students learn more effectively and develop the essential skills they need for success. Students respond to this enhanced way of learning, and teachers find it allows them to do more in the classroom, with less time and hassle.

Experience easy-to-use, engaging, valuable, and effective educational technology solutions for the way we teach tomorrow’s leaders today.

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Aleigha Henderson-Rosser, Ed. D.
Atlanta Public Schools Executive Director Instructional Technology

We created a 21st Century concept classroom for the dream classroom we wanted and then we did an RFP and through that process Boxlight came out on top!

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