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Our Mission

Boxlight Mimio’s mission is to be the leader of innovative and effective educational technology solutions. We aim to improve learning and engagement in classrooms, and to help educators enhance student outcomes and build essential skills, by developing the products they need.

We back up this ability with trusted relationships, knowledgeable and dedicated employees, unsurpassed customer service, and the most comprehensive selection of quality products.

We strive to be a trusted partner to our customers and vendors and to earn a fair profit while embracing ethical business practices.

Better Solutions. Better Results.


About Us

Founded in 1985, Boxlight, a US owned and operated company, quickly became a leader in presentation technology, climbing Inc. 500 lists and becoming synonymous with projection and display solutions for business, government, and education. After taking over Boxlight’s US and worldwide operations in 2009, Hank and Sunshine Nance focused the company on the education industry.

Mimio was founded in 1997 by way of five creative-thinking students at MIT. They saw that students were so busy taking notes, they weren’t able to pay attention to the actual class. They believed there had to be a better way. By combining innovation with their passion for education, they created their flagship product, the ink capture system. Their passion for creating leading-edge technologies that fuel learning has been integral to their mission from day one.

Happy Teachers With Mimio Boxlight Products

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In 2016, Boxlight acquired Mimio. Together they are a leading global provider of technology in the classroom. The partnership enables Boxlight Mimio to bring to today’s education market powerful, integrated solutions that are unmatched. But even more inspiring is where their combined passion for learning will take educational technology, classroom educators, and students in the years ahead.

“The merger brings a comprehensive lineup of award-winning, proven educational solutions that meet the instructional needs of K-12 districts, schools, and students,” notes Mark Elliott, CEO of Boxlight Corporation. “It allows Boxlight to take another step forward in its journey to partner with schools to create the dynamic classrooms that are needed to educate students today and tomorrow.”

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