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  1. The MimioPad™ wireless pen tablet is turned on, but I cannot write anything. قراءة المزيد >>
    First, try changing the battery in the stylus. The stylus takes a single AAA battery. If changing the battery does not resolve the issue, try using a known working stylus from another classroom. If you still cannot write on the MimioPad tablet, look at the display on the device. Do you see the wireless icon? (It looks like an antenna.) If you do not see this icon, the MimioPad tablet may need to be paired to the wireless hub. To do so, make sure the wireless hub is inserted into a USB port on your computer. Press and hold the red button on the back of the MimioPad tablet for 5 seconds, or until the display on the front starts flashing. Quickly press and hold the recessed button on the wireless hub so it is flashing, as well. If the pairing was successful, the display will stop flashing and will display 001. You will also see the wireless icon. If this process is unsuccessful, try using a known working wireless hub from another classroom and repeat the above steps. If the process is still unsuccessful, contact customercare@boxlight.com for additional troubleshooting.
  2. There are strange pop-ups when writing on the MimioPad tablet, and the pen seems sluggish. قراءة المزيد >>
    This issue only occurs on Windows computers. Any issue involving pages skipping ahead, shortcuts popping up that say “forward” or “backward,” and lag while using the stylus are generally caused by settings within the operating system. For the tablet to function properly, “Flicks” need to be turned off. To do so, go to Control Panel > Pen and Touch. From there, click the “Flicks” tab, un-check “Use flicks to perform common actions quickly and easily,” and then click “Apply” and “OK.” You may also need to disable the Tablet PC Input Panel. To do so, click on the Start menu and type in Tablet PC Input Panel. Click on “Tablet PC Input Panel.” Once it opens, go to Tools > Options and then click on the “Opening” tab. Under “Choose where to show the Input Panel icons and tab,” uncheck the first three options. Click on “Apply” and then on “OK” to close out the input panel. If you still experience issues after changing these settings, contact customercare@boxlight.com for additional troubleshooting.
  3. The MimioPad tablet has a flashing blue light. قراءة المزيد >>
    The MimioPad tablet will show a steady blue light when the battery is charging. This light will turn off when the battery is fully charged. A blue flashing light indicates that either the battery is not inserted correctly or it is not charging. Remove the battery cover and make sure the battery is seated properly. Replace the cover and attempt to charge the MimioPad tablet again. You will see a steady blue LED and the battery icon will appear on the display. If you continue to see a flashing blue light, try replacing your battery with a known working battery from another classroom. If none of the above steps resolves the issue, contact customercare@boxlight.com for additional troubleshooting.
  4. The shortcuts at the top of the MimioPad tablet are not working. قراءة المزيد >>
    The MimioPad 1 will not function fully on Windows 8 computers. You will be able to use the stylus normally on the writing area, but none of the shortcuts at the top of the MimioPad tablet will work correctly. This is a hardware limitation that cannot be corrected. If you are using an operating system other than Windows 8 and you cannot use the shortcuts, contact customercare@boxlight.com for additional troubleshooting.

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