1. Connect a Mimio device to the computer (via cable or wireless connection).
  2. If applicable, turn the projector off.
  3. Open the Mimio Notebook application.
  4. Click File and select Connect. If prompted to disconnect from Interactive Mode, select Yes. Once completed, an image of the Mimio bar/board should appear on the blank Notebook page (usually on the left). A status message will also appear on the lower left section of the Mimio Notebook page identifying you that you are connected to a Mimio device. Remember to only use the STYLUS INK CAPTURE PENS with the EXPO dry-erase markers in Capture Mode. Use of the Mimio Mouse Interactive Stylus Pen will revert back to Interactive Mode.
  5. Make sure all sensors on the Mimio device have a clear line of sight to the writing surface and pens.
    1. The infrared sensor (IR) is the black semicircle protruding from the side of the bar.
    2. Two ultrasound sensors (US) are on the side of the Mimio device at the top and bottom of the bar. They are small silver circles.
    3. Make sure nothing is blocking these three sensors.
  6. Make sure the Mimio device is facing the proper direction. The Mimio bar should have the infrared and ultrasound sensors facing towards the surface (i.e. these sensors should point towards the large portion of the board have a clear line of sight of a Mimio stylus pen when in use).

Verify the device mounting style by clicking Tools and selecting Settings from the Mimio Notebook.

  1. The default mounting position is the vertical in the upper left corner of the writing surface.
  2. If the Mimio device is oriented in a different position, select the appropriate orientation from the Device Mounting pull-down option (for Xi only).