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Our success starts with our employees. Our ability to accomplish what we set out to do is based on the people we hire—we believe we are all partners in Boxlight Mimio’s mission and success. We aim to improve learning and engagement in classrooms by developing the products educators need to help them enhance student outcomes and build essential skills. We seek to create a work environment that is fun, full of enthusiasm, and comfortable. We recognise that the right people work best in a great environment where they can freely share their ideas and talents. Your success is our success!

Thank You for Your Interest in Boxlight Mimio

Boxlight Working Mom

Boxlight Mimio’s mission is to be the leader of innovative and effective educational technology solutions. We aim to improve learning and engagement in classrooms, and to help educators enhance student outcomes and build essential skills, by developing the products they need. We accomplish all of this while maintaining our unique culture that creates a sense of family and community. When you’re here, you’re family.

Open Positions

Technical/Customer Support Specialist & Operations Support
Location: Dundonald, Belfast, United Kingdom
Closing Date: Wednesday, 24th April 2019

How to Apply
To make an application for an open position; please send your CV, cover letter and any additional supporting documents to before the closing date.