Boxlight Professional Development for Teachers

Boxlight-EOS Professional Development for Microsoft 365 and G Suite

The Platform Essentials (PE) Course is designed for teachers and students to get acquainted with all that Chromebooks and G Suite OR Windows 10 and Microsoft 365 have to offer. Each Course includes 7 Modules that cover navigation, personalization, security and accessibility options. These Courses cover all the essential features of these extensive solutions.

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    Office Platform Essentials

    Google Platform Essentials

    Module 1

    How can I access and organise existing content?

    Module 2

    Where can I deliver content online?

    Module 3

    How can I communicate and provide students with feedback?

    Module 4

    What interactive and engaging resources do I have access to in Teams?

    Module 5

    How can I personalize learning and provide a collaboration space for students?

    Module 6

    How do I log into and personalise Windows 10?

    Module 7

    How can Windows 10 and Microsoft 365 make learning relevant for everyone?

    Module 1

    How can I access and organise existing content?

    Module 2

    Where can I deliver content online?

    Module 3

    How can I communicate, stay connected, and provide feedback?

    Module 4

    How can I interact with my students live?

    Module 5

    How can I engage my students in learning online?

    Module 6

    How do I log in and personalise my Chromebook?

    Module 7

    How can Chromebooks make learning relevant or everyone?

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    If you are looking for online, facilitator-lead training you can purpose additional sessions. Our virtual sessions are 1-hour training sessions hosted via Zoom and can be purchased in 5-hour blocks. Choose a minimum of 5 virtual training sessions from either our Virtual Playground or Beyond Essential Collections, or a combination of both. Pick the training that suits your learning goals. Our Virtual Playgrounds have a 1:25 facilitator-to-participant ratio and provide guided instruction in a free form format. Compared to the Beyond Essentials Collection which has a 1:50 facilitator-to-participant ratio and provides structured guidance.

    Virtual Playgrounds are practical sessions for specific skills to optimise teaching and learning using Microsoft 365. These are a time for teachers to play, ask questions, collaborate and learn from each other facilitated by an expert. Virtual Playgrounds are more free form in approach, guided by the needs of the participants. They have a 1:25 facilitator-to-participant ratio to enable interaction and discussion.


    Creating a OneNote Content Master

    Ready, Set, Create! Explore features in OneNote to create an engaging and immersive Notebook that you can use and re-use with students!

    Teams Assignments

    Create new assignments, build from existing, or add a form. Learn how to assign work, provide resources for students, review student progress, and provide feedback.

    Class Notebook

    Distributing Pages, Managing Notebook, and Reviewing Student Work. Learn how to move content from one Notebook to the next, utilize the Content Library, distribute pages to students, and manage and review work.

    Teams and FlipGrid

    Amplify the student voice with online discussions. Set up classroom norms, utilise text and video for discussions, and create a remote social learning environment for students.

    Meet in Teams – Best Practices and Practical Applications

    Explore best practices, setting up norms, and Meet Now tools to bring the lesson in a virtual classroom to life.

    Screen Recordings & Video

    Use the Design and Video features in PowerPoint to create engaging pre-recorded lessons for students to access and revisit.

    Immersive Reader & Translator

    Learn to use embedded accessibility features in PowerPoint, Word, OneNote, and Teams to increase engagement and access to content for all learners.

    Apps for Exploration, Enrichment, and Engagement

    Explore Apps that can be integrated with Teams for an enhanced distance learning experience.

    STREAM- Live Videos, Video Recordings, and Transcripts

    Make Video content available to all who need it. Host Live Events, create a video library, and learn how to share transcripts and links with students.

    Using Office Lens to Digitize Materials for OneNote

    Learn how to scan a wide variety of text from paper documents, handwritten notes, and even whiteboard notes and convert them into digital files for teaching and learning.


    Google Classroom

    Organising and Managing your Google Classroom with themes, classwork, topics and settings.

    Google Docs

    Learn how to leverage Google Docs for collaboration, peer editing, and accessibility.

    Google Meet

    Explore advanced features to effectively facilitate an engaging and interactive lesson.

    G-Suite for Collaboration

    Learn about setting sharing permissions across G-Suite applications and how to create shareable links for parents/guardians.

    Google Forms for Formative Assessment, Surveys & Mood Check-Ins

    Learn to create Google Forms and share with students via Google Classroom.

    Google Slides for Interactivity and Accessibility

    Learn to use embedded features in Slides to increase engagement, accountability, and interactivity.

    Google Drive

    Access and convert existing material in your Google Drive and seamlessly add to your assignments in Google Classroom. Learn to create and deliver an assignment, re-use existing assignments, and review student work.

    Google Classroom for Communication

    Learn how to set up online discussion protocols and expectations to utilise Google Classroom as a platform to maintain communication as well as a source of formative assessment and accountability for distance learning.

    Google Forms

    Learn to use the grading tool and manage responses in Google Sheets.

    Google Meet and Google Classroom

    Learn to create and share a Google Meet link in Google Classroom and record instructional videos using Google Meet and share in Google Classroom.

    Beyond The Essentials Training Sessions

    Beyond the Essentials Training Sessions are virtual, facilitator-led sessions that provide an opportunity to explore and interact with a variety of education technology tools and platforms. Sessions introduce the topic tools and provide guidance in best practices and applications for distance learning. They have a 1:50 facilitator-to-participant ratio to enable interaction and some discussion.


    Give students a voice and stay connected through this video discussion platform.


    Integrate Nearpod for interactive and engaging lessons that have embedded formative assessments.


    Curate your own YouTube Channel for playlists and engagement reports!


    Leverage engaging and standards aligned curriculum for enhanced distance learning.


    For Instructional Videos- Learn to create instructional videos and add them to your online learning platform (Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams).

    Google Earth

    For live exploration lessons, student projects, educational games, or extension activities, Google Earth provides a world of learning opportunities.

    Facilitate Distance Learning with Microsoft 365

    Learning with Microsoft 365 Make the transition to best practices of facilitating distance learning with Microsoft.

    Create Interactive Lessons with Microsoft 365

    Leverage student voice and student choice in the online learning environment of learning opportunities.

    Create Interactive Lessons with G Suite

    Leverage student voice and student choice in the online learning environment.

    Facilitate Distance Learning with G Suite

    Make the transition to best practices of facilitating distance learning with Microsoft 365.

    Chris Patey
    Fulston Manor School

    I completed the course and I was very impressed. I have listed a few points of feedback below:

    • Each section is extremely detailed and gives you very well-explained tutorials on how to complete a variety of different tasks using the software.
    • There is a good blend of both video tutorials and written instructions to maintain reader interest.
    • The layout of the course is easy to follow – each section has a smooth transition to the next without being too complicated to navigate.
    • The fact that the pass mark for each section of the course is 100%. This enables anyone completing the course to work back through and figure out which part they may have missed of misunderstood