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Official testing has shown that on a single charge, the MimioTeach stylus battery will last approximately 11 continuous hours. This means 11 straight hours of the tip being depressed. There are two things that will ensure the life of the battery is one of the longest on the market:

  1. The MimioTeach system has a built-in docking and recharging station for the stylus, so its “home” will always provide a recharge.
  2. Most use cases of the stylus show that it is used only 5% to 10% of class time. Therefore, the actual use time it would take for the battery to deplete entirely is close to 200 hours. Effectively, the stylus should never fully deplete—but if it does, simply charge it for five minutes to get up to 30 minutes of use. The stylus will fully charge in 3 hours. When the stylus needs charging, an amber LED will display. We recommend charging the stylus overnight before using it for the first time and when not in use for maximum performance.
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Two buttons on the stylus activate functions: Hover/Right Click and MimioStudio tools. For left mouse click, touch the projected area with the tip of the stylus twice. You can reconfigure both buttons on the stylus. Please note that once you reconfigure them, the default will be reset and the buttons will no longer retain the original functions of Right Click and MimioStudio tools.

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