The MimioClassroom family of products is our most highly integrated and easiest-to-use line of interactive teaching technology devices and software. The MimioClassroom concept was purpose-built, tailored specifically to the needs of teachers and created to allow teachers to simply teach. Devices include the MimioTeach interactive system, the MimioVote assessment system, the MimioCapture ink recording system, the MimioView document camera, and the MimioPad wireless tablet. Powerful MimioStudio software is the brains behind MimioClassroom products. Each product offers powerful advantages when used alone, but all work seamlessly together, complementing one another when used in combination. With absolute ease of use and intuitive features, MimioClassroom products let teachers focus on teaching, with no worries about mastering difficult technology. Support programs include a comprehensive lineup of training choices—many for free, and others for a nominal fee. We have flexible online programs that allow you to learn at your own pace, as well as in-person programs with other Mimio users. An additional resource is the MimioConnect online community of avid Mimio educators, where you can learn something new every day and share your own knowledge.