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  1. The light on the MimioTeach™ bar is solid amber and the device will not work. Read More >>
    If your MimioTeach bar is displaying a solid amber light, it means that it is not paired to the MimioHub™ wireless receiver. On your computer, make sure the MimioHub receiver is inserted into a USB port and that it’s solid green. From there, open MimioStudio Notebook. On a PC, go to Tools > Settings > Classroom Devices. On a Mac, go to Notebook > Preferences > Classroom Devices. If the MimioHub receiver is working, it will show “MimioHub – Connected” in the list. Keep this window open and then hold down the amber light on the front of the MimioTeach bar for approximately 20 seconds. Once that is done, the MimioTeach device should show up under Classroom Devices as “Available.” Select it and click the “Connect” button in the bottom right corner of the window. The light on the device will now turn green and the device will function properly. If you are unable to get the MimioTeach device to pair to the MimioHub receiver, make sure that there are no batteries inside the unit. Having multiple sources of power (batteries and wall adapter) can cause connection issues. If you have multiple sources of power, remove the batteries, power the MimioTeach device using the wall adapter, and then go through the pairing process again. If you still can’t get the unit to connect, contact customercare@boxlight.com for additional troubleshooting.
  2. There is a blinking green light on the front of the MimioTeach bar and the device will not work. Read More >>
    A blinking green light means that the MimioTeach device is looking for MimioStudio Notebook. If the software is open and the light is still blinking green, it means that the device needs a firmware update. To perform the update, simply connect the MimioTeach bar directly to your computer with the included USB cable, and it will automatically run through the update. Once the update is done, remove the USB cable from your computer and reconnect it to the wall adapter. The light should return to solid green and your device should function normally. If the light is still flashing green after going through these steps, contact customercare@boxlight.com for additional troubleshooting.
  3. The stylus for the MimioTeach device is not working. Read More >>
    Does the stylus buzz when you press the tip? If not, make sure you have charged it overnight by placing it in the cradle on the left side of the MimioTeach bar. Note that the MimioTeach bar will not charge the stylus if it is powered by batteries; it needs to be powered by the wall adapter or directly connected to your computer, using the included USB cable. If the stylus still does not buzz or interact after charging, it may be defective. The easiest way to troubleshoot this is to try another MimioTeach stylus that is known to be working. If that stylus works, then you’ll know that the non-working stylus needs to be replaced. Contact customercare@boxlight.com to request a replacement. If the working stylus also fails to work with the MimioTeach device, contact customercare@boxlight.com for additional troubleshooting.
  4. The MimioTeach bar is connected, but the calibration is off/the device will not let me calibrate. Read More >>
    The MimioTeach bar needs to be positioned on the left side of the whiteboard, centered between the top and bottom of the projected image. There cannot be any objects between the bar and the stylus. If the device is not mounted in this location or if there is physical interference, the calibration will be off. Are there motion-activated lights in your classroom? If so, covering up the sensors may resolve the issue. Some of these sensors operate on a similar frequency as the MimioTeach device and can cause interference. If you are unable to cover the sensors, try using the MimioTeach device in another classroom without these types of lights. If you can calibrate it there, you’ll know that the problem is an environmental issue. Additionally, try removing the microphone covers on the right side of the MimioTeach bar. The covers are black plastic rectangles at the top and bottom of the device, which can be removed with a pushpin. Removing these has eliminated some calibration issues in the past. (Newer units ship without them.) If none of the above steps resolves the issue, contact customercare@boxlight.com for additional troubleshooting.
  5. The light on the MimioHub receiver is not illuminated, and it will not connect to my MimioTeach device. Read More >>
    Try inserting the MimioHub receiver into another USB port on the same computer. If it still does not light up or show up in MimioStudio Notebook under Tools > Settings > Classroom Devices (on a PC), or Notebook > Preferences > Classroom Devices (on a Mac), contact customercare@boxlight.com to request a replacement.

Nota: Requiere la versión 7 o superior del software MimioStudio para funcionar correctamente.

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