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The recommended screen resolution for use with the MimioDisplay device is 1920×1080. Try adjusting your screen resolution to this size and see if the issue persists.
Additionally, press the “Auto” button on the MimioDisplay remote to automatically center the image. If this does not work, go to Menu > Picture > PC Setup on the remote and adjust the Horizontal Position and Vertical Position.

If the calibration is still off after following these steps, you can calibrate using the Control Panel (Windows) or the TouchScreen program (Mac).

  • On your Windows machine, go to Control Panel > Tablet PC Settings > Calibrate.
  • On your Mac, launch the program called TouchScreen and click on Calibration.
  • In both cases, this will bring up the calibration screen.
  • Click on all of the required points and your device should now be calibrated.

If you are still having issues with the image size or calibration after going through the above steps, please contact for additional troubleshooting.

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USB-C (official name “USB Type-C”) is a new version of the USB standard. Many manufacturers are moving to USB-C, with Apple being the most prominent and moving the fastest. The main benefit of USB-C is that it is reversible—there is no top-versus-bottom. An abundance of technical detail is available on Wikipedia. All Boxlight and Mimio USB cables have the USB Type-A connection at the computer end. Connecting a computer’s USB-C port to the existing cable’s USB-A will require an adapter. Many others can be found online or at most local computer stores.

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