Microsoft Teams Training for Education

Microsoft Teams for Education Online Professional Development Course by Boxlight EOS

In this 30-minute, online, self-paced course, teachers will learn the essential features and functions of Teams for Education including how to access and manage Teams; the Teams interface with Channels, Tabs, and Posts; how to create and grade assignments; and how to interact live with students using Teams Meet. Participants are free to jump from one topic to the next based on their prior experience and comfort level, and they can revisit the content as often as they need. Upon completing the course, teachers will have the
foundational knowledge required to start using Teams for Education in their classrooms.

Ideal for all levels of Teams users, beginner to advanced.


Quick Access Anytime
24/7 Access
Use Any Device


Something for Everyone
All users will have access to the same level of training, allowing novice to advanced users to enhance their skills and knowledge.


Up-to-Date Content
As new features like Teams Break Out Rooms are added, we update our course content to reflect so your team is always up to speed.


Improve Effectiveness
Increased Adoption of Teams
Better ROI
More Productive Staff

Certifications and Awards

We are a certificated Global Microsoft Training Partner and we develop award-winning training courses.

CPD Member Microsoft Training Partner       bmtrada certification      Tech and Learning Award 2020

Course Contents

There are 4 modules that all include demonstration videos, interactive elements, and knowledge checklist. The various videos and images provide detailed introductions on the features that are available in Microsoft Teams for Education and provide examples of how to use these tools in your classroom.

Topics Covered

  • Getting Started with Teams
  • Managing Teams
  • Channels
  • Tabs and Posts
  • Teams Assignments
  • Grading
  • Teams Meet

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