MimioMoovly videos for education

Easily create video lessons, tutorials, or explainer videos with MimioMoovly software—a simple video creation tool for teachers, faculty, students, and educators.

Why make MimioMoovly videos for education?

Did you know that 94% of teachers incorporated video into their lessons in the past year? Video has become an invaluable tool in teaching, learning, and digital literacy. Step into video-based learning by easily creating educational videos yourself or engaging your class with video assignments they make using MimioMoovly software.

  • Create your own flipped classroom videos
  • Engage students with motivating video assignments
  • Make your own e-learning videos
  • Explain educational topics using over one million free and royalty-free media objects (images, footage, and sounds)
  • Present projects with a stunning video explainer

Which plan is best for you?

A free version available to anyone with an educational email address
Professional HD video creation at a greatly reduced price
Pro video creation with screen and web recording features, subtitling options, as well as custom fonts and colors
Educational group plan with user management—an ideal solution for teachers using the software in their classroom
Increase media literacy
The ability for students to understand, evaluate, and create media in a variety of forms is an important part of education. MimioMoovly software is an excellent tool to help students express themselves and acquire media skills through video by learning to turn images, footage, music, speech, and text into new video stories. Increase students’ digital competencies with engaging video assignments.
Go beyond the classroom
By using video, you open up your classrooms and schools to students beyond your walls. Create online video lessons, tutorial videos, or micro-learning content to engage with students anywhere. Or make your MOOC more attractive with animated video clips!
Present projects with video
Whether your students are working on a presentation, piece of journalism, or class assignment, give them the tools to enhance their project with video. Allow them to share their knowledge, or present your project with the most engaging type of content: video.

Learn how to bring MimioMoovly to your classrooms

MimioMoovly’s video maker helps you easily create and edit videos online. Let your next explainer video, video tutorial, video assignment, or any other video project impress your class like never before. Learn more or try for free!