MimioProjector Touch Distance Calculator

This Distance Calculator provides the ideal location of your touch projector by calculating the 2 distances you need for installation. It tells you where to install the wall bracket with the distance (H) from the top of your whiteboard (not including its frame) to the bottom of the bracket. The other distance (D) is how far the projector mirror should be from the wall. Once installed the projector lens should be centered to the whiteboard. It will also tell you the area covered by projected image (Height = C, Width = E, Diagonal – always in inches).

MimioProjector Interactive Projector

Please specify the following:

  • If your whiteboard has a frame.
  • The Unit of Measure you are most familiar with. – Inches for North America and millimeters elsewhere.
  • The Aspect Ratio of your whiteboard.
  • The Height (BH) of your whiteboard.
  • The Width (BW) of your whiteboard.
  • The Distance (W) from the wall to the front of your whiteboard.

– A laser flat whiteboard is required to use this projector. You will not be able to project on a wall or the floor.
– To optimize the projection further you can adjust the arm length or tilt the projector using the knob in front of the mount. Please reference the Mounting Guide.

Does your board have a frame?
Yes    No

Unit of Measure →
Inches    Millimeters

Aspect Ratio →
16:9 WXGA    4:3 XGA

MimioProjector Interactive Projector

MimioProjector Interactive Projector