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Common FAQS

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Watch our MimioProjector Laser Videos to better understand the product and setup.

Labdisc Video
Pairing Labdisc and Computer

Watch our MimioMyBot Videos to better understand the product and setup. If you want additional informative videos check out our YouTube channel.>>


Download the neccessary software for the Labdisc STEM lab.

GlobiLab Versions

Globilab MSI installation 3.0.0 for PC (WIN 7,8,10 64b) | GlobiLab-setup-2.4.25b for PC (Win 7, 8, 10) | GlobiLab Version 2.1.6 for Mac (Mac 10.5 – 10.10) | GlobiLab for Android (Android 4.5 and up) | GlobiLab for iOS (iOS 6 – iOS 9) | GlobiLab for Linux – Fedora (Fedora 14) | GlobiLab for Linux – Ubuntu (Ubuntu 10.04) | GlobiLab for Chromebook

GlobiWorld Versions

GlobiWorld Version 2.4.25 for PC (Win 7, 8, 10) | GlobiScope Version 1.0 for PC (Win 7)

* To install GlobiLab for MAC – right click on the package and choose the “Open with” > “Installer (default)” menu item, then acknowledge the “Are you sure” question.


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