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Common FAQS

  1. I cannot bring up the calibration screen when using the Mimio Xi™ interactive whiteboard. Read More >>
    If you cannot bring up the calibration screen, this means that the Mimio Xi device is not paired to the wireless dongle. Make sure the dongle is inserted into a USB port on your computer. Hold down the raised button on the dongle until the light starts flashing. Once the light is flashing, go over to the Mimio Xi device and press the recessed button beneath the power button on the wireless module. You will hear a beep, the top light on the module will turn solid green, and the light below it will steadily flash. From there, open MimioStudio Notebook and go to Tools > Settings > Classroom Devices (on a PC), or Notebook > Preferences > Classroom Devices (on a Mac). The Mimio Xi device will show up in the list and you will now be able to calibrate. If this process is unsuccessful, contact customercare@boxlight.com for additional troubleshooting.
  2. The calibration screen comes up, but the Mimio Xi device will not calibrate. Read More >>
    First try changing the batteries in your stylus. If this does not resolve the issue, try using a known working stylus from another classroom. If that stylus works, you need to replace the malfunctioning stylus; contact customercare@boxlight.com for a replacement. If the problem persists after using a known working stylus, it may be due to ultrasound interference from an environmental source. Please test for environmental interference using MimioStudio Notebook. To do so, go to Tools > Settings > Ink Capture > Settings (on a PC), or Notebook > Preferences > Ink Capture > Preferences (on a Mac). From there, test for both infrared and ultrasound interference. If the ultrasound test fails, the most common cause is occupancy sensors used to control lighting in the classroom. If your classroom has these sensors, try covering them up and running the test again. If the infrared test fails, the problem may be caused by a plasma display in use nearby. Powering off the plasma display will permit the Mimio device to work correctly. Infrared interference can also be caused by light fixtures that are located directly above or near the Mimio device and whiteboard. Try turning off the closest lights and test again to see if the interference is eliminated. The least likely cause of infrared interference is direct sunlight on the Mimio device at sunrise or sunset. If that seems to be the case, change the orientation of the Mimio device to get it out of direct light. If none of the above steps resolves the issue, contact customercare@boxlight.com for additional troubleshooting.

Note: The MimioTeach interactive whiteboard requires version 7 or higher of MimioStudio™ classroom software to function properly.

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