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Common FAQS

  1. What is the difference between the MimioTeach device and the MimioCapture device? Read More >>
    The MimioTeach system is used with a projector, which allows you to display your computer screen on the whiteboard. You can directly interact with lessons and presentations using the MimioTeach stylus. The MimioCapture system is an accessory to the MimioTeach device, which allows you to capture dry erase notes or drawings directly from the whiteboard using the MimioCapture pens. A projector cannot be used with the MimioCapture system.
  2. The MimioCapture pens are showing incorrect colors in MimioStudio™ Notebook. Read More >>
    It is possible that the colors have been changed in the settings within MimioStudio Notebook. Check the stylus color settings by going to Tools > Settings > Ink Capture > Pens (on a PC), or Notebook > Preferences > Ink Capture > Pens (on a Mac).
  3. The pen/eraser for the MimioCapture system is not working. Read More >>
    If one of the pens or the eraser for the MimioCapture system does not seem to be functioning correctly, try replacing the battery. If replacing the battery does not resolve the issue, try using one of the other MimioCapture pens, or borrow an eraser from another classroom to see if you get the same result. If you determine that the pen or eraser is defective, contact customercare@boxlight.com for additional troubleshooting.
  4. The MimioCapture tray is not charging the pens and eraser. Read More >>
    When placed in the MimioCapture tray, the pens and eraser will show a green light. If they don’t, it’s possible that the alignment is off between the MimioTeach device, the Interconnect cable, and the MimioCapture tray. If the Interconnect cable is misaligned, there can be a loss of communication between the MimioTeach device and the MimioCapture tray. Ensure that the connection between the Interconnect cable and the MimioTeach device is straight and tight. Also ensure that the connection between the Interconnect cable and the MimioCapture tray is solid and flush. When the connection is correct, the MimioTeach device will be directly in line with the Interconnect cable, and the MimioCapture tray will be perpendicular to the vertical line of the Interconnect cable. If all of these connections are solid, but the pens and eraser are still not charging, it is possible that the MimioCapture tray or Interconnect cable has failed. Try replacing each of these components with working versions from another classroom to determine where the problem lies. Contact customercare@boxlight.com for additional troubleshooting.
  5. The MimioCapture pens show strikes in MimioStudio Notebook when they are docked in the MimioCapture tray. Read More >>
    The MimioCapture pens have a double seal in the cover cap. When you place the cap on the marker, you will hear two clicks. If you hear only one click, the cap is not completely tight, and the pen may continue to buzz when placed in the tray. If one docked pen is on, it will cause any other pens being used with the system to fail. To be sure that the cap is completely closed, use both hands to press on it. If you believe that the cap is on correctly but the issue persists, or if the pens are behaving strangely while writing, contact customercare@boxlight.com for additional troubleshooting.
  6. There are amber LEDs on the MimioCapture pens and eraser. Read More >>
    If the MimioCapture pens and eraser are showing amber LEDS, there is a loss of range when writing/erasing, and there are missing lines in the software, it means that they need to be charged. To charge the pens and eraser, place them in the MimioCapture tray. If the pens and eraser show a green LED when in the MimioCapture tray but do not seem to be charging, contact customercare@boxlight.com for additional troubleshooting.

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