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Common FAQS

  1. What does MimioMobile™ Lite mean?
    As of version 11.22 of MimioStudio software, the fully activated version of the software gives users access to the “Lite” version of the MimioMobile application. The Lite version allows you to connect up to three mobile devices. To use the full version of the MimioMobile app, you must purchase a license code.
  2. How do I connect my devices?
    To connect your Apple or Android mobile device as a teacher, open MimioStudio Notebook and go to Tools > Settings > Mobile (on a PC), or Notebook > Preferences > Mobile (on a Mac), and scan the QR code with your camera. If your device does not have a camera, enter the hostname, port, and access code on the “Manual” tab in the MimioMobile app. To connect as a student, click on “Applications” from the Tool Bar in MimioStudio software and select “Class Manager.” From there, select the appropriate class and click “Start Class.” This will bring up the list of students with the QR code for them to scan on the right side. If their devices do not have cameras, enter the hostname, port, and access code on the “Manual” tab in the MimioMobile app. To connect using MimioMobile for the Web, enter the Web ID listed above the QR code into the correct field on the http://mobile.mimio.com page. If you are unable to connect your devices after going through the above steps, contact customercare@boxlight.com for additional troubleshooting.
  3. When attempting to connect my mobile device, I receive a “connection error” message. Read More >>
    Refer to the MimioMobile Network Guide for information about networking requirements. If you still have additional questions, please contact customercare@boxlight.com for additional troubleshooting.

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