The amber LED indicates that the MimioTeach stylus or the MimioCapture pens and eraser needs to be charged. We recommend charging the stylus overnight before using it for the first time and when not in use for maximum performance. Please note that when the MimioTeach is running on battery power, the stylus will not charge. Please plug the MimioTeach bar or the MimioCapture Tray directly into the computer with the USB cable or use the provided USB adapter to plug into the wall and the units will charge.

Official testing has shown that on a single charge, the stylus batteries will last approximately 11 continuous hours. This means 11 straight hours of the tip being depressed. After a minute of the tip being depressed, there is an automatic shutoff, so the signal will stop being transmitted. Most use cases of the stylus show that it is used at very short intervals (in the length of seconds). Therefore, the actual use time it would take for the battery to deplete entirely is pushed to the hundreds of hours. Effectively, the stylus battery power should never fully deplete—but if it does, a five-minute charge will provide up to 30 minutes of use. The styli and eraser will recharge completely in their tray in about three hours.